New York City 2014

The shops in Chinatown are always fun for a quick bit of shopping. Tired of hanging out with these guys I’m out of here.

City Frogs


New York City 2014

Once again two good friends, my bother I made our pilgrimage to Feast of San Genarro in Little Italy to eat, have a good time  and take photos. I managed to excel in the first to categories and rally just forgot to take as many photos as I normally take. I think I will use this as an excuse to head up to NYC again in the near future. Yes a frog in the city may be able to eat at the best restaurants and see a great show on the cheep from TKTS TKTS the ponds are just not the same as home.

Glass and Sky


WDC, 2014

Walking around with Friends and we found a few good things to photograph.



WDC, 2014

Hello, I have been gone a while, work and life have gotten very busy but all is well. Here is what I hope will be the restart of me posting photos more regularly.

The Last Mile



Long Island City Queens, 2013

Long Island City, AKA Vernon Jackson Station on the seven train has a very old residential area were most of the phone lines and internet access is still in above ground lines. The area is gentrifying rapidly so the old brownstones and they wires will soon be history.  Ron and I need to go back as shoot more in this area since it is changing so rapidly.




Long Island City Queens, 2013

This years trip to the feast of San Gennero in Little Italy was a bit different. Last time I when with Ray and we had a great time but I was a long march focused on taking photos and eating. This year Ray was unable to make it , even so I still when up to see Ron since I had not seen them since summer. Ron the kids and I had a great time together, we even went to the feast. I was having so much fun with them that I really was not focusing very much on taking photos. Fortunately, while I was not talking laughing or eating I was able to get a few shots in.

There was a ship pulled up alongside the river wall and it was too interesting to pass up.




Tangier Island Virginia

When we were walking near the shoreline we found this bird house that was just begging to be photographed. The sky was very bright so it took a good bit of selective masking to be able to darken the sky to get a more balanced image. While I liked this shot from the start by the time I was done it be became my favorite shot of the trip.

Sunset Tangier Island

Sunset web


Tangier Island Virginia, 2013

The sunset on Tangier Island was unexpectedly lovely given that only a few hours there was not much of a cloudscape.

It’s a Trap



Tangier Island Virginia, 2013

After lunch at Ocean Matt flew use to Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay. The island is very small, the runway was 2600 feet long which is about half the length of island.  Given its location it not surprising that fishing and crabbing is the major business of the island. What did surprise me was how colorful the traps were. In new England all the lobster pots look a thousand year old with out any color other than moss or mud.



OC Maryland, 2013

In celebration of my recent large round number birthday my friend Roger arranged for his friend Matt to take us out in his plane for the day. It was an amazing day and we had a great time. The next four shots will be from that trip. Our first stop was at Ocean City Maryland to get lunch. After lunch we walked out to the amusement park and that is where I got this shot. the shot was taken using a Lensbaby at a moderately hallucinogenic f5.6.



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